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The time has come to sing and to howl, from my tired soul to the depths of my bowels

The wolf's out there, and he's on the prowl, so we'd best be flocking, ‘cause we are the fowl

Been working all day since five AM, get on the bus, go home and then

get lost in a bottle, drown the noise in my head, so I can fall asleep, and do it all again

(Chorus) And I, I've got, got the stock boy blues

Them bosses been talking, been talking all day, ‘cause they'll make their dollar any possible way

The economy's hurting, at least that's what they say, but the rich just get richer, it’s the poor who pay

I stand in a freezer unloading a truck, if I break my back, well I'm shit out of luck

They're cutting our healthcare to save them a buck, when they make record profits ‘cause they don't give a fuck

(Chorus) About us, we've all got, got the stock boy blues

Well they say we're blessed to have us a job, but we've all been fooled, beaten down and robbed

Sure we need the bosses, like a maid needs a slob, like inmates need a jailer, like the poor need the cops

Well the day will come when us workers stand up, when we stand for each other, when we've all had enough

and in every restaurant, every yard, every shop, when we fold our arms, it’s the whole world that stops

Then our bosses will have the feeding themselves blues


from Rise Like Fire, released July 2, 2014




Jake and the Infernal Machine Boston, Massachusetts

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