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Well I work with a man named Karma who's had a bad run of it himself

he spends his days rolling sushi trays while his heart hangs on the shelf

and at lunch time we lay down our grinding stones and talk of wealth

and that which might have become of us if we could find some if it ourselves

Back in Nepal one day a girl called Karma on the phone

it had been a wrong number, but toward each other their hearts roamed

but she'd been arranged to marry and left Karma all alone

so he moved away to the USA and his heart he left back home

Well Karma, what will you ever do if you won the lottery?

Would you move back home to Nepal and live all easily and free?

He said I don't bother dreaming about what will happen to me

and the glistening skies behind his eyes offered no apology

(Chorus) Well the scenes of our lives pass you by, don't close your eyes

Cause the seasons of time keep passing by

Well my Momma she tries to buy me clothes because mine are full of tears

at Christmas time my stocking's full of socks in matching pairs

Well Momma save your money, oh it’s good to know you care!

But I'm more concerned with who I am than I am with what I wear

And I've got family all around me, I've got friends in every square

I've got comrades in my corners and you know we all dream to dare

And on New Year’s day it'll be safe to say this last year's in the past

So let’s drink this time like it's precious wine and enjoy it while it lasts

Well remember me when I'm gone and the life that I have lived

for heaven lies not above the skies but in the hearts and minds of friends

and on that day I hope they say he was true 'til the end

when my ashes hit the soil, let life begin again



from Rise Like Fire, released July 2, 2014




Jake and the Infernal Machine Boston, Massachusetts

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