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From the camp of Red Hugh O'Donoghue, to the streets of old Cairo

there's a hope that streams forth like a brook we must try to follow home

We must crawl back through the years and scale the centuries

Do not fear my dear, do not lose hope, for we will find our black rose

There's a girl not far from the camp, her hair as dark as night

and her skin so fair save them cheeks of rose, but don't you dare look in her eyes

Just look up to the sky, which is almost as deep a blue

lest you spend your days crashing through the waves for a taste of our black rose

(Chorus) Oh won't you hold your head high my Little Red, wipe that teardrop from my eye

I hear a cheer five hundred years from here, cannons ripping through the sky

oh red lightning come boil in my blood, place that scent upon my nose

for where it goes oh nobody knows, but there's hope in our black rose

Caught her scent by a barricade, that was burning in Spain

Saw her shadow in Johannesburg, caught her print in Patagonia's plain

Followed her tracks straight through to Moscow, there frozen over by a flood

for our black rose she drinks from our tears where we drown her in our blood

(Repeat chorus)

Don't mind the boots in Derry, nor the tracks through Baghdad sand

Do not fear the fences of Arizona, nor the chains that bind your hands

See straight through prison bars, the pope's wine runs red for you too

And there's Irish ale there to share by the pale, where we find our black rose

(Repeat chorus)


from Rise Like Fire, released July 2, 2014




Jake and the Infernal Machine Boston, Massachusetts

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