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I was just as old as you back in 1692

on a slave ship under the whip, way out where the salt winds blew

then rising on the horizon, the ships with white sails flying,

how surprising were the pirates of Libertalia

They came like lightning over the sides and all around me there was fighting

and they're declaring right before me to be enemies of slavery

they said, “We are Liberi.” and they set everyone free, even me, even me

Listen children, close your eyes and you can see it’s not that far

the white sails cut through the fog to the shores of Madagascar

and their Captain said “Son listen, that land there in the distance

is the garden we call Libertalia.”

Captain Misson had a vision, my children won't you listen

a decision such as this one shan't be left to a politician

and if each man is equal in this land, there'll be no drawing lines in the sand

so they built an earthly heaven here on Libertalia

(Outro) And I can still see them on a sunny afternoon

the dogs are a sleeping, and the boys are singing a tune

and when the sun comes down, like wolves we'll howl at the moon

the girls are a dancing, the chef stirs with a silver spoon

And if the kings come here, they're bound to meet their ruin


from Rise Like Fire, released July 2, 2014




Jake and the Infernal Machine Boston, Massachusetts

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