Infernal Anthem​(​Sun's Gonna Set: Part II)

from by Jake and the Infernal Machine

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US out of Afghanistan, US out of Iraq

US out of the Middle East, leave now and never come back

And I'll light the way on with my draft card, to burn the recruiters all down

Fellow workers don't fight other workers, no it’s time to turn those guns around

(Chorus) The war on terrorism is the symptom of the disease

and our movement shall be an Infernal Machine

Consider us the Huns, consider us the Visigoths

either way we've come to smash these walls until the Empire falls

We've come to smash your empire

US out of New England, yea we're taking the entire Northeast

US out of North America, well it’s time now the toilers will feast

And we'll lead the way on with our strike song, we workers we won’t work for you

And the soldiers will fight for the people, they won't kill who the rich want them to, and there'll be

No more masters and no more slaves

We'll keep on fighting. We'll see that new day. Yea, there'll be

no more masters as soon as us slaves have our way

(repeat Chorus)


from Rise Like Fire, released July 2, 2014




Jake and the Infernal Machine Boston, Massachusetts

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