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Four men swinging in the wind. (x2)

Hey Mama, did they go down to Haymarket?

Was that their only sin?

They fought to bring us eight hours. The general strike, for eight hours

But the state devours when it can win

Bullets and batons are their power

(Chorus) The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you throttle today

They killed some strikers at McCormick's, so in the papers the anarchists

swore they'd tear the rich down from their high tower

Called a meeting at Haymarket

The mayor said all was quiet. Police, go home. There'll be no riot

But Bonfield sent his men in there to crack some skulls

Dead bodies gathered there in piles

(Repeat Chorus)

They called the rebels instigators. Make raids now look up laws later

And hang one man for every hour

Make examples of their leaders

Five men waiting on the gallows (x2)

Grave Digger, dig them graves shallow

They'll be rising up tomorrow

Now there’s four men swingin’ in the wind. Four men swingin’ in the wind

Only two were even down at Haymarket

It’s not the end it’s the beginning. (x3)

Remember, we are the beginning.


from Rise Like Fire, released July 2, 2014




Jake and the Infernal Machine Boston, Massachusetts

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